Fransie Malherbe

Fransie was born in Cape Town, South Africa. She lived and studied in several countries, before settling in Geneva, Switzerland, where she lives today with her husband, two children and several four legged companions. Now a fine artist, as well as writer and illustrator, Fransie’s background is in Graphic Design and Art Psychotherapy.

She practised for a number of years as an Art Psychotherapist in London. During this time, she worked with children and focused mainly on the communication, attachment and bonding between parents and their children, which is also the underlying theme in her children’s books.

Template Fransie has five four legged friends HOVER ON THE WORDS About Fransie The Barkingtons Fransie has lived in six countries Fransie speaks four languages Fransie
holds three qualifications
Fransie loves her two children Fransie shares her house with one husband
For her art, Fransie takes inspiration from her childhood in South Africa, her exposure to many cultures, as well as from her experience in working with troubled and marginalised individuals as an art psychotherapist.
Humor and curiosity are underlying themes throughout Fransie’s practice as an artist and storyteller.
The collage-like style in both her art and books, allows her to create a new reality by rearranging existing imagery. Placing her fictional characters in photo realistic surroundings creates exciting dialogue between fantasy and reality, begging the reader or viewer to assess his or her place in this new reality.
Fransie’s work as a fine artist has been internationally acclaimed and exhibited across Europe; with recent exhibitions in London, Milan, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris and New York.